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Optimizes the structure of the soil. It provides the soil with the proper structure for the development of the root system and unlocks the micronutrients to make them assimilable. 

Dosis: Fruit trees and citrus: 20 - 40 L/ha 
Vegetables: 10 L/ha 

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Ensures the availability of essential micronutrients. It provides chelated zinc and manganese, which improves the vegetative activity, the root system and benefits the microbial flora.

Dosis: Fruit trees and citrus: 20 - 40 L/ha 
Vegetables: 10 L/ha 

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Copper gluconate in aqueous solution. Cupric treatment easily absorbed and rapidly translocated to all organs of the plant. It corrects copper deficiency. The treated plants are equipped with a higher resistance to abiotic stress. For olive trees, vineyard, citrus, fruit trees and vegetables.

Composition: Cu (6%)

Dosis: Foliar: 200-400 cc/hl
To root: 2-4 L/ha

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Boro ET/15

Quick and accurate boron dosage source via foliar for when deficiency symptoms are detected. Weakening and death of meristems (radicles and terminal buds). Necrosis at leaf tips (lettuce), poor heart (beet), poor pollen germination (little fruit set), gummosis (stone fruit trees). Boron demanding crops: apple, olives, grapes, strawberries, celery, cabbage, potato, etc. For all crops.

Composition: B (11%)

Dosis: Foliar. Prevention: 75-150 ml/hl (0.75-1.5 L/ha). Moderate deficiency: 225-300 ml/hl (2.25-3 L/ha). Severe deficiency: 375-450 ml/hl (3.73-4.5 L/ha).

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Acts as a crop stimulant, promoting rooting, vegetative growth and the processes associated with fruiting, improves the quality and consistency of the fruit. In addition, increases the resistance to abiotic stress. For fruit trees, vegetables, olive, strawberry, grape and citrus. 

Composition: Concentrated Seaweed Extract (6.4%) + B (2%) + MgO (1%)

Dosis: Foliar Application: 100-200 cc/hl; Fertirrigation: 1.5-3 L/ha. 

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It is specially formulated to allow greater penetration of Mn and Zn in the plant and prevent deficiencies of these elements more effectively. It protects against fungal pathogens and increases resistance to abiotic stress. For all crops. Every 12 - 15 days.

Composition: Mn (0.5%) + Zn (1.5%)

Dosis: Apply every 12-15 days.
Foliar: 200-300 cc/hl
To root: (2-3 L/ha)

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Anti-stress biostimulant against sudden changes. Mitigate the effects of abiotic stress (water, temperature, salinity). It achieves increase and quality in crops as well as increase the resistance of plants to hostile environments. For all crops. 

Composition: Seaweed extract Ascophyllum nodosum + MgO complexed by AG (0.6%)

Dosis: Foliar applicación throughout the cycle: 300-500 cc/hl (3-5 L/ha)

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Kerafol Evo

Amino acid solution. It balances the energy consumption of plants. It improves photosynthesis, stimulates flowering, fertilization, curdling and maturation and increases shelf life. It favors the quality of the fruits through a greater accumulation of sugars and proteins and diminishes the oxidative processes. Because of its anti-estés nature, it restores the tissues affected by extreme abiotic factors and mechanical accidents. For fruit trees, horticultural and ornamental.

Composition: Free amino acids (20.5%) + Total N (5.3%) · Organic N (3.7%) · Ammoniacal N (1.6%)

Dosis: Foliar Application: 150-300 cc/hl (1.5-3 L/ha)

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Specially formulated for its application in vegetables. It is a product designed to prevent zinc deficiencies and to allow greater mobility of zinc within the plant, achieving perfect assimilation and thus guarantee the expected effects. It can be mixed with other products.

Composition: Zn (2%)

Dosis: Root Application: 5L/ha

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