High quality NPK's being made available to plants in an assimilable form, to respond to the specific needs of each crop according to its vegetative state. The high percentages of its formulation facilitate a good nutritional complement at low doses of application. Its great purity suits them both for foliar and root use.

Our Nutritional solutions

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Niuper PM3

Solid product. High purity foliar fertiliser particularly suited in vegetative growth stages and when fruit enlargement and colour need boosting. For strawberry, vegetables, fruit trees, citrus, vine and olive.

Composition: N (27%) + K2O (22%) + B (0,1%) + Cu (0,09%) + Mo (0,05%)

Dosis: Foliar: 5 kg/ha (500g/hl)

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K-Fluid 25

Its low conductivity makes it ideal for fertirrigation when potassium must be raised without adding nitrogen or other salts. High quality potassium free of chloride, sulphate and nitrate. For fruit trees, vegetables, citrus and strawberry.

Composition: K2O (25%) + Cl- (0%)

Dosis: Foliar: 200-300 cc/hl (2-3 L/ha)
To root: 20-30 L/ha and year

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Niuper Hyper K

Solid product. Especially recommended in fruit growing stages and at the end of the cycle to improve fruit quality (size, colour, sugar content, etc.). For strawberry, vegetables, fruit trees, citrus, vineyard and olive trees. 

Composition: N total (6,2%) + K2O (50%) + B (0,08%) + Cu (0,3%)

Dosis: Foliar: 250-500 g/hl (2.5-5 kg/ha)
To root: 5-10 kg/ha (500 g/hl)

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Niuper Superazote

Solid product. High purity foliar fertiliser especially recommended for the early crop stages, particularly in active plant growth times and when a fast stimulation of vegetative growth is required.

Composition: N (41%) + P2O5 (6%) + B (0,112%) + Cu (0,250%)

Dosis: Foliar: 250-500 g/hl (2.5-5 kg/ha)

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Niuper 75

High purity foliar fertiliser especially recommended for pre-flowering, flowering and fruit set stages. It improves the health of plants and strengthens the root system.

Composition: P2O5 (51%)

Dosis: Foliar: 100-200 cc/hl (1-2 L/ha)

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Altin Red HS

It optimizes the process of photosynthesis by ensuring fruits of greater caliber, hardness and conservation. It gets better color and improve against adverse situations / stress.
It lowers the pH of the water, so it avoids the degradation of other treatments sensitive to alkaline hydrolysis.

Composition: Water soluble P2O5 (21%) + P2O5 soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and in water (21%) + K2O (42%)

Dosis: Foliar: 0,5 kg/hl
To root: 7,5 kg/ha

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Niuper Zn

High purity foliar fertiliser. Suitable to be applied in the early stages of vegetative cycle. It stimulates root growth and improves fertiliser usage. Therefore, vegetative growth is particularly reactivated in difficult conditions (cold and rainy springs). Crops: tomatoes, citrus, fruit trees, corn.

Composition: P2O5 (33%) + N (3%) + Zn (8%)

Dosis: Foliar or to root. 150-500 cc/hl (2-5 L/ha)

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NPK 10-5-20 foliar fertilizer enriched with boron and magnesium, formulated to obtain an optimum fruit set. It offers a very complete nutrient source adapted to all types of crops that makes it the ideal fertilizer for any time of the year. Special for olive tree.

Composition: N (10%) + P2O5 (5%) + K2O (20%) + MgO (6%) + B (1%)

Dosis: Foliar: 0.3-0.5% (0.3-0.5 kg/hl)

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