"Often, when undetermined problems are detected without a defined symptomatology, it is considered that there is some type of deficiency and that it must be solved with the application of fertilizers. Somehow, the discharge of the problem by applying some type of fertilizer or corrector gives enough time to wait for a sudden improvement. The reality is that a very high percentage (may be around 80%) of the problems diagnosed in the field have their origin in the conditions of the physical environment." (Villar, P.; Villar JM. (2016). Guia de la Fertilitat dels Sòls i la Nutrició Vegetal en Producció Integrada.)

Our Nutritional solutions

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It causes an increase in plant metabolic activity and in nutrient uptake through an increase of chloroplast and chromoplast activity. Its application manages to increase yield and quality through a better use of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. For vefetables, strawberry, ornamental, rape, fruit trees and citrus.

Composition: MgO (5%) + SO3 (10%) 

Dosis: Foliar: Fruit trees and citrus: 100 cc/hl (1 L/ha). Vegetables and berries: 20-40 cc/hl (0.2-0.4 L/ha).

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Altin Mg

Ideal product for the preventive and curative control of deficiencies of magnesium. Seaweed extract exerts a stimulating effect due to the presence of growth promoters (cytokinins, auxins and betaines) and an adherent effect that increases the effectiveness of the treatment (due to the presence of colloids and carbohydrates: alginic acid, mannitol, etc.). Growth promoters stimulate processes as important as the emergence of new roots or floral differentiation. Mannitol acts as a chelating agent for micronutrients increasing its availability. For fruit trees, citrus, vine, vegetables and strawberry.

Composition: MgO (13%)

Dosis: Foliar: 400-600 cc/hl (4-6 L/ha)

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Edaltin Fe 13

Source of soluble iron to mix with other fertilizers or products in foliar and root treatments to correct deficiencies in crops. It can be used in acid soils (pH <6.5).

Composition: Fe chelated by EDTA (13%)

Dosis: Foliar. Fruit trees, citrus and vineyad: 30-75 g/hl; Vegetables and ornamentals 10-25 g/hl
To root. Woody crops: 4-7 kg/ha; Vegetables and ornamentals: 3.5 kg/ha

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To correct the chlorosis in fruit trees in late spring/early summer. Contains amino acids. It mobilizes the inactive iron stored in the tree. For fruit trees.

Composition: Fe (1.25%) + Zn (0.41%) + Mn (0.41%)

Dosis: Foliar: 500-1.000 cc/hl (5-10 L/ha)

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It contains 33.5% soluble calcium chloride, together with wetting agents and penetrants that improve its effectiveness compared to other traditional products. Does not stain the fruits and gives the plant tissues greater firmness. High solubility and calcium supply readily available.

Composition: CaO (16%)

Dosis: Apply in post-harvest. Drencher. All crops: 0.5 L/hl (0.5%)

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Boro ET/15

Quick and accurate boron dosage source via foliar for when deficiency symptoms are detected. Weakening and death of meristems (radicles and terminal buds). Necrosis at leaf tips (lettuce), poor heart (beet), poor pollen germination (little fruit set), gummosis (stone fruit trees). Boron demanding crops: apple, olives, grapes, strawberries, celery, cabbage, potato, etc. For all crops.

Composition: B (11%)

Dosis: Foliar. Prevention: 75-150 ml/hl (0.75-1.5 L/ha). Moderate deficiency: 225-300 ml/hl (2.25-3 L/ha). Severe deficiency: 375-450 ml/hl (3.73-4.5 L/ha).

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Altene 4,8 Orto

It's a pure iron chelate specially designed for crops that are grown in alkaline or calcareous soils, where iron is not available for plants. It has the highest concentration in the orthoortho isomer, which is the most active form of this iron chelate. Quick response, gives neutral solutions of great stability and persistence. Without smell.


Iron (Fe) chelated by EDDHA (ortho-ortho isomer) · (4,8%)

Dosis: To root or fertigation. Fruit trees and citrus: 25-120 g/tree. Vegetables and strawberry: 5-20 kg/ha. Ornamentals: 10-60 g/10m2

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Caltin 10

Provides liquid calcium (10%) trough foliar and root application. It contains a calcium salt, which allows optimal calcium assimilation by the plant. This quality makes this product ideal to be used in a wide range of equilibrated nutritional plans. For all crops.

Composition: CaO (10%)

Dosis: Foliar: 200-500 cc/hl (2-5 L/ha)
To root: 2-4 L/ha. 

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Micro MZ

Ideal in fruit tree orchards that have been fertilised in excess and when it is not convenient to stimulate the vegetative development. It is convenient to be applied preventively or resulting loses may be important. It does not contain nitrogen. Preventive application.

Composition: Mn (3.9%) + Zn (7.7%)

Dosis: Apply preventively.
Foliar. Citrus: 200-400 cc/hl (2-4 L/ha).
To root. Fruit trees and vegetables: 5 L/ha

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