Biostimulants are organic formulations that include molecules with hormonal properties or that strongly affect biosynthetic processes. This is the case for formulations that include amino acids, humic acids or seaweed extract. They act on the physiology of the plant in different ways and by different ways to improve crop vigor, yield and quality of the crop. They are products without residue and very safe, more and more used in a great variety of crops.

Our Biostimulants solutions

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Kerafol Evo

Amino acid solution. It balances the energy consumption of plants. It improves photosynthesis, stimulates flowering, fertilization, curdling and maturation and increases shelf life. It favors the quality of the fruits through a greater accumulation of sugars and proteins and diminishes the oxidative processes. Because of its anti-estés nature, it restores the tissues affected by extreme abiotic factors and mechanical accidents. For fruit trees, horticultural and ornamental.

Composition: Free amino acids (20.5%) + Total N (5.3%) · Organic N (3.7%) · Ammoniacal N (1.6%)

Dosis: Foliar Application: 150-300 cc/hl (1.5-3 L/ha)

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Keramin K

Potassium + amino acids and microelements with good results: larger and more uniform fruits, stronger pulp, intense color and higher sugar content. Reduces damage caused by frost and prevents falling fruit.

Composition: Free amino acids (14%) + Total N (3.7%) + Organic N (1.9%) + Amoniacal N (1.8%) + K2O (6%) + Cu EDTA (0.07%) + Fe EDTA (0.1%) + Mn (0.05%) + Zn EDTA (0.07%)

Dosis: Foliar Application. 2.5-5 L/ha

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Keramin Zn

Stimulates fruit set. Especially suitable for zinc deficiency susceptible crops. It is involved in protein synthesis and auxin for fruit development.
Zinc deficiency susceptible crops: cotton, rice, citrus, cucurbits, corn, apple tree, peach tree, pear tree, etc. 

Composition: Free amino acids (14%) + Total N (5%) · Organic N (3%) · Ammoniacal N (2%) + Zn complexed by amino acids (5%)

Dosis: Foliar application: 250-500 cc/hl (2.5-5 L/ha)

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Keramin V

Amino acid solution of enzymatic hydrolysis and high biological activity. Rich in nitrogen, improves the quality of the fruit set. Its use is indicated when the crop has been subjected to adverse conditions: prolonged drought, extreme temperatures, wind, salinity, root asphyxia, etc., and when it is desirable to promote its growth. Free amino acids increase the chlorophyll content of the plant, improving the photosynthetic activity of the plant and regulating the other natural metabolic processes.


Free amino acids (13%) + N (6.7%) · Organic N (3.5%) + Organic C (15%)


Foliar application. Citrus, fruit trees and olive: 200-350 cc/hl (2-3.5 L/ha); Strawberry, vegetables and other arable crops: 200-300 cc/hl (2-3 L/ha); Vineyards: 200-300 cc/hl (2-3 L/ha). Cereals: 200-300 cc/hl (2-3 L/ha).
Aplication to Root. Citrus: 10-15 L/ha; Fresa y ornamentales: 4-6 L/ha; Strawberry and ornamentals: 10-15 L/ha; Olive: 8-10 L/ha; Potato and beet: 6 L/ha; Vid: 4-8 L/ha.

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Keramin 24

It reactivates the vegetation after the frosts and in crops affected by adverse situations and stress. Improves fruit set. Adherent effect. For citrus, fruit trees, olive trees, alfalfa, vineyard, vegetables and potato.

Composition: Free amino acids (24.7%) + Total N (7.7%) · Organic N (2.7%) · Ureic N (3%) · Amoniacal N (2%)

Dosis: Foliar application: 100-200 cc/hl (1-2 L/ha).

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Acts as a crop stimulant, promoting rooting, vegetative growth and the processes associated with fruiting, improves the quality and consistency of the fruit. In addition, increases the resistance to abiotic stress. For fruit trees, vegetables, olive, strawberry, grape and citrus. 

Composition: Concentrated Seaweed Extract (6.4%) + B (2%) + MgO (1%)

Dosis: Foliar Application: 100-200 cc/hl; Fertirrigation: 1.5-3 L/ha. 

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It accelerates the growth of plants in a balanced and productive way, especially in times of abiotic stress (hail, frost, root asphyxia, etc.) causing a rapid resumption of vegetative development.
For fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental.

Composition: Free amino acids (24%) · Total amino acids (28%) + Total N (2.7%) · Organic N (4.3%) + K2O (3.1%) + Organic carbon (15%)

Dosis: Foliar Application: 150-300 cc/hl (L/ha). With herbicide 100 cc/hl (1 L/ha)

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Anti-stress biostimulant against sudden changes. Mitigate the effects of abiotic stress (water, temperature, salinity). It achieves increase and quality in crops as well as increase the resistance of plants to hostile environments. For all crops. 

Composition: Seaweed extract Ascophyllum nodosum + MgO complexed by AG (0.6%)

Dosis: Foliar applicación throughout the cycle: 300-500 cc/hl (3-5 L/ha)

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Keramin 24 V

Amino acids of high purity and vegetable origin. It reactivates the vegetation after the frost and those crops affected by adverse situations and/or stress. Improves fruit set and micronutrient utilization. Great adhesion effect. For citrus, fruit, olive, alfalfa, vine, vegetables and potato.

Composition: Free amino acids (24.7%) + Total N (7.7%) · Organic N (2,7%) · Ureic N (3%) · Ammoniacal N (2%)

Dosis: Foliar Application. Citrus, fruit trees, olives and alfalfa 100-200 cc/hl (1-2 L/ha). Vineyard, vegetables and potato 100 cc/hl (1 L/ha)

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