The scope of the Management System referred to the ISO and UNE standards in which Altinco S. L. is certified, applies to the fields of research, design, manufacture, marketing and innovation of fertilizers, deficiency correctors, biostimulants and special products for agriculture sustainable, ecological and without waste in our facilities located in the Pla d'Urgell Industrial Park, naus 8 - 13, camí d'Arbeca s/n, 25230 Mollerussa (Lleida).

The Management of ALTINCO S. L. whises to express its absolute commitment to the quality of our activities and products and to the continuous improvement of the operation of the company. It is ALTINCO's priority objective to strengthen our position in the current global market and to provide a flexible, useful and efficient service, capable of satisfying the needs of our customers.
Likewise, we think that the company also has an important social function both with respect to all the personnel that integrates it into society and in the environment of which we are part.
For all these reasons, we want to be a sustainable company that, creating economic value, connects the company, society and the environment, and that is our business strategy relying on our values, mission, vision and commitments:
- Creating economic value and sharing equitably with stakeholders.
- Proactively limiting our environmental impact: seeking ways to reduce the natural resources we consume, and minimizing the amount of waste and pollution we generate.
- Creating quality jobs.
- Marketing products and services that improve people's lives.
Altinco has chosen as business values passion, teamwork, innovation, caring for the environment, collaboration, excellence and proactivity, values that are aligned with the expectations of the stakeholders.
ALTINCO's mission: To be a benchmark within the companies in our sector offering farmers the best solutions and innovative products so that they can nourish and protect their crops in an ecological and environmentally sustainable way.
ALTINCO's vision: To work for an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.
The commitments made by the Management:
- Keep all company personnel integrated into their job, making them feel motivated, satisfied and responsible for the tasks they carry out and lead on a daily basis. One of the main engines to achieve this is to actively promote their training, in this way significant improvements in performance and satisfaction are achieved at all levels.
- Recognize, exceptionally, the merit and dedication of our integrated staff in the research and innovation tasks that are carried out with the intention of motivating them and promoting the continuity and quality of these tasks, priority and necessary for the smooth running of the company.
- We ensure that Catalan is the working language of Altinco, and we work to promote its use among all staff and in relationships with customers, suppliers and other related entities in the development of our activities.
- Because we are especially concerned about our country and globally all other countries, our products and production processes are respectful with the environment, including the precise and saving use of energy and minimizing the production of residual substances. We control the significant environmental aspects of the organization, ensuring the sustainable use of resources and reducing environmental impacts, in order to protect the environment.
- We constantly improve the Quality, RDi and Environmental Management Systems, with the aim of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers, our own and external personnel and related organizations, creating mechanisms for evaluating this satisfaction and opening new communication channels, making the most of new technologies and continuosly improving our environmental performance.
- We comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that Altinco deems necessary, both in terms of quality, RDi, environmental and interested parties.
- Altinco's way of being always contemplates increasing efforts in the research, design and manufacture of new "unique" products, with high added value and zero residue, destined to satisfy the needs of farmers. We guarantee the highest quality standards in the manufacture of our products. Also, we continue to invest in research, development, innovation and continuous improvement of our products and processes to continue developing high-quality formulations, easy to apply and with optimal results in the field.
- The global increase in demand for organic products and the local and global implementation of the "km 0" model is a great opportunity for Altinco, which is already positioned in the market as a 'clean' company, close, committed to the environment, and with prestige and good reputation. We propose, therefore, to promote and communicate this point. The implementation and communication of a CSR strategy will help to consolidate this external vision of Altinco and will favor the approach to the organic market.
- As we want to continue growing, we prioritize internationalization actions as much as possible and adapt products and their presentation to the requirements of the market countries that are our objective.
In order to ensure that this Company Policy is put into practice and is up to date, the Management defines objectives that are consistent with this policy, periodically reviews the management system to guarantee its effectiveness and to make it a permanent guide and point of reference of our organization.
Altinco has disseminated this Company Policy to its entire organization and to the relevant stakeholders.

Only a job well done justifies our existence.
Francesc Clarisó
Managing Director
In Mollerussa (Lleida), on October 14, 2021.