Rootip® Expertise

Rootip® Expertise technology, developed by Altinco, is specifically formulated to biostimulate the rhizosphere, encourage the development of microorganisms beneficial for crop nutrition and strengthen plant root mass.


Surface-Contact Technology

It gives the product the ability to improve adhesion and achieve a perfect contact with the plant surface.

X-tract Technology

It is a process of selection, analysis and incorporation of vegetable extracts.

Elisystem Technology

Provides effective self-protection of the crop.

Cycle Control

They guarantee control of the vegetative cycle and the ability to control when plants enter and exit dormancy.

Vigour Control

They provide the necessary tools to redirect plant energies to enhance the fruiting process instead of diverting them to plant growth.


They provide the necessary tools for each moment of the fruiting process and to recover the plant from stressful situations.

High Efficiency Nutrients

To achieve the best penetration and mobility of the molecules in the plant and thus achieve the expected results in the shortest possible time.